• Matt Leckman

$2.5 Million Risperdal Verdict Upheld

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Last week, a unanimous panel of the Pennsylvania Superior Court upheld an Alabama man's $2.5 million verdict against pharmaceutical giant Janssen. The plaintiff had been prescribed Janssen's anti-psychotic drug, Risperdal, at a very young age for treatment of behavioral issues. In the lawsuit, Pledger v. Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the plaintiff and his family claimed that Risperdal caused him to develop gynecomastia, or female breast growth. Several other Risperdal gynecomastia cases have since gone to trial in Philadelphia, and there are currently thousands of similar cases in the Philadelphia and California courts. The appeals court rejected Janssen's challenge to the verdict, finding that the plaintiff's expert evidence at trial was sufficient under the law. The court also sent the case back to the trial court with directions to evaluate whether punitive damages could also be recovered against Janssen in the case.