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Boeing 737 Diverted After Passengers Get Sick from Odor on Board

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Early yesterday morning, United Flight 1675 from Baltimore-Washington International to San Francisco International was diverted to Washington Dulles International after a strong odor in the cabin caused passengers to fall ill. On arrival into Washington, D.C., emergency medical and rescue personal transported a number of passengers to local hospitals.

The plane was a Boeing 737, and this is not the first such incident with this type of aircraft. Leckman Law and and its joint venture, Littlepage Booth Leckman, represent individuals who claim injuries from toxic cabin air exposure, with several lawsuits currently in litigation in Chicago state court and a number of others being investigated. If you suffered and treated for injuries related to the odor on United Flight 1675, or on any other flight, you may have a legal claim. You can contact us directly to evaluate your claim.

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