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Boeing's Woes Continue: North Charleston Plant Under Scrutiny

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

A New York Times article today reported on a troubling trend of potential safety concerns and whistle-blower reports coming out of the Boeing factory in North Charleston, South Carolina, where the company's 787 Dreamliner is manufactured.

The Times' investigation, which involved review of internal documents and interviews with current and former employees, shows evidence that the company might have been attempting to rush Dreamliners to market at the expense of safety. John Barnett, a former Boeing quality manager who is now bringing a whistle-blower suit against the company, was quoted by the Times as saying, "I haven't seen a plane out of Charleston yet that I'd put my name on saying it's safe and airworthy."

Leckman Law and Littlepage Booth Leckman continue to prosecute and investigate claims relating to alleged toxic cabin air events on another of Boeing's planes, the 737. If you or a loved one believe you have a claim for injuries stemming from a fume or oil event on an airplane, you can contact us for a free review of your case.

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