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Florida Lawyers Obtain $400 Million Jury Verdict on Zoom

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Earlier this month, attorneys in Florida obtained an historic jury verdict after a Zoom trial. Although the COVID 19 pandemic has slowed the nation's civil courts to a near halt over the last 8 months, attorneys Ben Crump and Robert Cox were able to find justice after a remote jury trial stemming from a 2018 highway accident. Their client, retired Army Sergeant Dwayne Washington, was severely injured when his motorcycle was unable to stop and collided into a massive 45-car pileup on an interstate highway in Florida. Prior to trial, the defendants refused a $1 million settlement demand (Johnson's medical bills alone totaled over $750,000), and the jury ultimately awarded damages in the amount of $411 million. The case was the first virtual jury trial held in Florida's Second Circuit Court in Northern Florida.

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