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Toxic Cabin Air Litigation Update

Boeing, Toxic Cabin Air
Boeing Continues to Defend Toxic Cabin Air Claims

Earlier this month, Littlepage Booth Leckman (LBL) filed two new lawsuits on behalf of five flight attendants who claim serious cognitive injuries from exposure to toxic cabin air on two separate flights, both of which took place on Boeing 767 airplanes. Both cases have been filed in Illinois state court, in the Circuit Court of Cook County. The first case involves an air event on a February 2018 flight from Frankfurt, Germany, which was originally scheduled to land in Detroit but was diverted to Canada. The second case involves an air event on a January 2018 flight from Amsterdam, Netherlands, which was originally scheduled to land in Newark but returned to Amsterdam after the event. Both suits allege that Boeing has long been aware of toxic air events on its airplanes, that they happen more frequently than Boeing has admitted to the public, and that Boeing has repeatedly and knowingly refused to remedy the problem or mitigate the risk. According to lead Plaintiffs' counsel Zoe Littlepage, "We have real concerns that Boeing does not take safety issues seriously, does not take corrective action, and that this is going to continue to happen."

LBL is actively investigating and litigating toxic cabin air cases against Boeing. LBL is a joint venture law firm made up of The Littlepage Firm (Zoe Littlepage), Rainey C. Booth, PA (Rainey Booth), and Leckman Law LLC (Matt Leckman). If you believe you or a loved one were injured on a Boeing airplane due to exposure to a fume or toxic air event, you can contact us directly to investigate and evaluate your potential claims.

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