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Update: Toxic Cabin Air Litigation

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Earlier this week, in an article entitled " 'We Are Slowly Being Poisoned': How Toxic Fumes Seep Into The Air You Breathe on Planes," the LA Times offered an in depth look at toxic cabin air events, including those at issue in past and ongoing lawsuits with plaintiffs represented by Littlepage Booth Leckman and Leckman Law. The article provides insight into the ventilation of "bleed" aircraft, which are airplanes that bring the cabin and cockpit air -- the air breathed by passengers, crew, and pilots -- in through the airplane's engines. As the plaintiffs in these lawsuits contend, Boeing's bleed airplanes routinely experience toxic cabin air events that expose passengers to VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and organophosphates from the engine oil. These can have toxic and long-lasting effects on the neurological and cognitive health of those exposed to the air, even after only incident or event. The lawsuits contend that Boeing has been aware of this risk for a long time and has failed to properly study or guard against it (with sensors, filters, or appropriate converters). LBL and Leckman Law continue to evaluate possible claims and cases stemming from fume, smoke, or toxic air events on Boeing airplanes. If you believe you have been exposed and injured, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free evaluation.

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